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Protesters release bugs and locusts in Byron Hamburgers restaurants after allowing police to arrest employees who were illegal immigrants

By Mason White 2:27 AM August 2, 2016
Protester outside Byron Hamburgers 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Protesters belonging to the London Black Revs and Malcolm X Movement, managed to shut down two Byron Hamburgers restaurants, after accusing the management of allowing police to arrest its workers who were illegal immigrants.

The London Black Revs and the Malcolm X Movement have taken affirmative action against the Byron restaurants chain in London, in response to the incidents in the past week, including having entrapped waiters, back of house staff and chefs in collaboration with the U.K. Border Agency.

35 staff members were led off in handcuffs, and some have been deported from the country, while hundreds more are hiding in fear.

In response to the corporation, protesters have released thousands of live cockroaches, locusts and crickets into these restaurants.

The groups have accused the new Tory government of being the most vicious and right wing government in living memory, and in the context of growing racist and even fascist oriented policies, encouraging and fostering mass resentment, racism and xenophobia towards ethnic and migrant communities.

“The Brexit victory was a massive boost to anti-immigrant hate and racism,” the groups said on Facebook.

“We as immigrant communities, Black, African, Asian, Latin American, must all unite and defeat this growing menace that is before us. Otherwise, our very future as communities inside the West is in direct jeopardy,” the group wrote.

After the incident of the bugs, Byron Hamburgers decided to shut down the two restaurants in order to keep customers safe.

The manager of Byron Hamburgers summoned its workers to a meeting, but when they arrived, police waited for them and they were arrested.

The company claims that the illegal immigrants showed them false documents before they were hired.