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Hot-looking female off-duty police officer in bikini tackles man for stealing her friend’s cellphone

By Mason White 2:34 PM August 1, 2016
Mikaela Kellner in the bikini 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A would-be thief robbed the wrong woman and was taken down by a hot-looking bikini-clad police officer.

A off-duty police officer from Sweden, was enjoying time with her friends when a man stole a cellphone.

Mikaela Kellner, who worked as a police officer for 11 years, was sunbathing in a park in Stockholm, with friends when the man approached them.

He spoke to them about the magazines he was selling and using the profits to support homeless people.

The women listened and were polite to the man. However, as soon as he left, one of Kellner’s friends realized that her cellphone was missing.

Kellner, who was in her bikini, went after the man, tackled him to the ground and held him down until other officers arrived to arrest him for theft.

“As I sat there, I looked at the other two friends who were not police officers, and realized that probably looked pretty funny,” Kellner said.

She uploaded the photo to social media, where it went viral. Kellner explained that she uploaded the photo in order to bring awareness to situations like these in which thieves make small talk before swiping people’s possessions.

“It happens all the time that valuables are taken like this and often you don’t notice until later. I wanted to raise awareness of how cunning these people are, almost like magicians,” Kellner added.