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Mother jailed for raping her two-year-old daughter for her boyfriend’s pleasure

By Mason White 2:42 PM August 1, 2016
Antonio Boleware 

By: Chan Yuan
A despicable mother took photos of herself raping her child in order to please her boyfriend.

The mother of Longview, Washington, was sentenced to prison for raping her 2-year-old daughter in order to send the photos of the abuse to a known pedophile.

Joanna Jean Olson, 44, was sentenced to five years in prison followed by lifetime of probation after her release.

Olson, who lost custody of her three children, admitted to taking the photos of the abuse to please her boyfriend, Antonio Boleware, 38, of San Diego, California.

Boleware was a registered sex offender who had been convicted of two crimes against children. He had already served 6 years in prison.

He is now awaiting sentencing for this case.

Her defense attorney argued that Olson had no malice or intent to harm, but rather exercised poor judgment and “extreme stupidity” while under the manipulating influence of the experienced criminal.

U.S. Attorney Kate Vaughan said that since Olson gives in so easily to a boyfriend for attention, affection, and love, this makes her a threat to children.

The abuse came to light after Boleware shared graphic photos with what he thought was another pedophile in a chat room, but it was actually an undercover officer.

He told the officer that Olson “has always been a fantasy pedo mom, I just made it real for her.”

Boleware also wrote that Olson gave him permission to “breed” with the girl.

Investigators were able to identify Olson through watching Boleware’s Facebook page.