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Mother suffers burns to 40 percent of her body after killing her son and staging car fire to cover up her crime

By Mason White 9:27 AM August 1, 2016

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Narges Shafeirad and Daniel Dana 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Karma got to an evil woman after she killed her son to keep him away from his father.

The mother, who was involved in a bitter custody battle with her estranged husband, killed their son just 16 hours before a judge was going to rule on who gets custody of the 5-year-old boy.

35-year-old Narges Shafeirad of Rockville, Maryland, faced life in prison before she pleaded guilty to murder, arson and child abuse in exchange for 50 years in prison.

Shafeirad admitted to forcing her son Daniel Dana to take a large dose of Benadryl, causing him to die of poisoning. She then staged a car crash in order to get away with her crime.

Firefighters were called 3:30 a.m. on reports of a car fire on Route 370 in Gaithersburg. Shafeirad was lying face down on the ground and she was screaming in pain from severe burns to her face and body.

She was taken to a hospital, where she spent a month and a half to recover from burns to 40 percent of her body.

Her son was found dead in the backseat of the car. Firefighters determined that the car was deliberately set on fire. An autopsy revealed that Dana died of Diphenhydramine intoxication before the car crash and ruled the death a homicide.