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14-year-old girl calls firefighters after getting stuck in baby swing at park

By Mason White 6:26 AM August 3, 2016
The 14-year-old girl stuck in baby swing 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A teenage girl was left red faced after being forced to call firefighters to help her squeeze out of a baby swing at a park, firefighters in the United Kingdom said.

Firefighters of the Wolverhampton Fire Station, responded to the scene at the King George V Playing Fields in Bloxwich.

They found the 14-year-old girl stuck in the baby swing on Saturday around 1:00 p.m.

“Crews released the girl trapped in child’s swing. Advice was given to stick to the seesaw and roundabout,” the Wolverhampton Fire Station wrote on Twitter.

According to the investigation, the 14-year-old girl was with her friends at the park when she decided to use the playground equipment meant for small children.

The fun ended when she got trapped in the baby swing for more than 30 minutes. She was very sorry and exceptionally remorseful more than most adults, firefighters said.