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Man buys chair at auction for $6 and finds $6,000 stash of diamonds inside cushion

By Mason White 6:25 AM August 3, 2016
Couple finds diamonds in this old chair 

By: Feng Qian
A man of the United Kingdom, who bought an old chair at an auction for a few dollars, said that he was overjoyed to find a stash of diamonds inside the cushion.

50-year-old Angela Milner-Brown and her husband, 47-year-old Angus Milner-Brown, both of Lanarkshire, said that they bought the old chair at auction about 10 years ago for $6.

Since the chair was in very bad shape, they decided to dump it in their attic, where it remained for six years. Angus then decided to have the chair cleaned.

Angus took the chair to a professional cleaner, and brought back home. The husband then started giving his wife diamond jewelry on special occasions.

When Angela asked her husband from where he got the money to buy the diamonds jewelry, he confessed that he found a stash of diamonds in the old chair.

Angus said that the diamonds were hidden inside the cushion.

The couple took the chair and the diamonds to an appraiser, and the value was pegged at $6,000.