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12-year-old girl calls police on her father for hitting her mother for putting extra slice of cheese in sandwich

By Mason White 3:37 PM August 2, 2016
James DePaola 

By: Feng Qian
A 12-year-old girl of Georgia, called police after her parents got into a fight.

James DePaola, 55, of Athens-Clarke County, was arrested after the fight over a slice of cheese turned physically violent, police said.

Officers were called to the couple’s house after James became angry because his wife used three slices of cheese instead of two to make the sandwich.

When his wife tried to call police, James pulled the phone out of the wall. The couple’s 12-year-old daughter managed to called police from a cellphone.

DePaola later told police that he did not want his wife to call 911 for such a “stupid” reason.

The couple’s two other children, who are 9 and 14 years old, were also home at the time of the incident.

DePaola was charged with obstruction of a 911 call and criminal trespass/damage to property.