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Woman nearly chokes to death from metal spring while eating salad at The Cheesecake Factory

By Mason White 10:01 AM August 3, 2016
Metal spring (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman of California, filed a lawsuit against The Cheesecake Factory, after nearly choking to death on a metal spring while eating salad.

Natalie Licheli of San Diego, said that the choking incident left her traumatized.

According to the lawsuit filed in court, Licheli went to eat dinner at the restaurant with her husband and children. She admits that at first, the experience was very relaxing.

Licheli’s son ordered a chicken Caesar salad, but like most children, he did not eat the salad. Licheli took his plate and began eating lettuce.

While swallowing a mouthful of salad, she realized that something was not right. Suddenly, she couldn’t breathe and turned blue.

A piece of metal spring then popped out, but there was no relief as the piece was only part of a larger metal. Paramedics rushed her to the hospital, and after 45 minutes, the rest of the spring came out.

Licheli was left with physical and emotional scars. Licheli claims that every time she eats, she has to be able to see what is in her food.

She also has trouble sleeping at night.