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Bar uses jammers to block cellphone signals to get people to socialize with strangers

By Mason White 2:10 PM August 3, 2016
Cellphone (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A bar owner of the United Kingdom, placed cellphone jammers in his bar to get people talking to strangers again.

People seem to love hanging out at the Gin Tub in Brighton, since they installed a cellular signal blocker so they can now interact with other patrons.

However, they did not block people from communicating with the outside world. Instead, he placed old fashioned rotary phones on the tables.

The phones can also be used to ask bartenders to bring more drinks to the table or to speak with people at other tables inside the bar.

The pub used a legal loophole to jam cellphones as Britain’s 2006 Wireless Telegraphy Act outlaws the use of signal blockers.

Steve Tyler said that they placed silver foil in the walls and copper wire mesh in the ceiling to block the cellphone signals.

“Cellphones have killed pubs. When you go out socially, you don’t need social media,” Tyler said.