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Father locks up his daughter and shaves her hair for 4 years after kissing a boy

By Mason White 6:54 AM August 4, 2016
Amina Al-Jeffery 

By: Wayne Morin
A group of attorneys have appealed to a court in the United Kingdom, to order the government of Saudi Arabia, to return a woman who was forcibly taken away from the country because she kissed a boy.

Amina Al-Jeffery of Swansea, was 16 year old when her father, 62-year-old Mohammed Al-Jeffery, took her to his home in Jeddah.

Mohammed left the country because he caught his daughter kissing a boy, and he wanted her to marry a religious Muslim.

She has since been held as a prisoner at her father’s home in Jeddah. She is being starved of food and water, physically abused, and will not be allowed to marry the man of her choice.

The father also made sure to shave his daughter’s hair to make her ugly and kept her from going to the bathroom. Amina briefly escaped from her father’s home and contacted the British embassy, and filed a complaint.

In court, the father denied all the allegations. Lawyers for the woman claimed that the Saudi government is helping the father keep his daughter in the country.

The High Court in London, has ruled that the father must allow his daughter to return to the United Kingdom. Amina is a dual British Saudi citizen.