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Man falls to the floor when his mother surprises him with a visit after not seeing her for 10 years

By Mason White 2:03 PM August 4, 2016
Jeffrey with his mother 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) It was an emotional moment for a man when he was surprised with a visit from his mother after not seeing her for 10 years.

A video of the emotional reunion was uploaded to the Internet, and it brought tears to the eyes of many people who watched it.

The man named Jeffrey of Massachusetts, had not seen his mother, Madeline, in 10 years as she lives in Gabon, which is located in Africa.

Madeline wanted to visit her son earlier, but she was unable to do so because of a visa and financial reasons.

However, after a decade of being apart, Jeffrey’s brother finally got everything in place so that he and his mother can reunite with his older brother.

Jeffrey and his girlfriend, Shannon Slattery, had a baby boy earlier this year, so his mother also desperately wanted to meet her grandson.

The reunion was one that all of them will remember forever.
Jeffrey had no idea that his mother and brother were coming.

The video of the special moment shows Jeffrey arriving home and being overwhelmed by being confronted by his brother, whom he had not seen in four years.

After welcoming his brother, his mother, who has been hiding in another room, walked out. Jeffrey broke down and fell to the floor as soon as he saw his mother.

He then hugged his mother while he was still on the floor and he kept repeating the words “mama, mama.” His overjoyed mother then helped him get up.