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Convicted sex offender kills grandmother after she confronted him for speaking to young children

By Mason White 1:44 PM August 4, 2016
Candy Arthurs with grandchildren and Kristopher Amos 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A heroic grandmother lost her life while protecting her grandchildren.

The Ohio grandmother died after she was stabbed while protecting her grandchildren from a convicted sex offender.

Police said that 29-year-old Kristopher Amos, approached a group of children and asked them for help in finding his missing

45-year-old Candy Arthurs, who loved her five grandchildren, agreed to allow them to help him, but she did not allow them to go alone and she went with them.

Soon after, they walked into an alley and something went terribly wrong. Amos, who is a registered sex offender, stabbed the woman and her 7-year-old grandson named Jeremy.

The boy came running home with a stab wound to his shoulder. Then Arthurs staggered home with a stab wound to her chest.

The young boy is being treated at the hospital and is expect to recover. However, Arthurs underwent surgery, but she succumbed to her injuries after 6 weeks.

A brokenhearted Gibson said: “My mother always told me that she would die for the children and she pretty much did.”

Amos was arrested on charges of murder and felonious assault.

Neighbors said that they found the drone the next day, in the alleyway a few houses away from where the stabbing took place.