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23-year-old man becomes father to 11 children after marrying his much older lover

By Mason White 12:24 PM August 5, 2016
Evgeny Golushkov with his wife and kids 

By: Wayne Morin
A young man took on the responsibly of supporting and caring for 11 children after marrying their mother.

23-year-old Evgeny Golushkov of Russia, was working at a factory, where he packaged meals for airline passengers, when fell in love with his co-worker.

Golushkov said it was love at first sight when he spotted 38-year-old Tatyana Polosukhina.

He mustered up the courage to ask the woman, who is 15 years older then him, out on a date.

However, he was taken aback when he found out that she had 11 children.

Polosukhina and her first husband had 11 children together. Her oldest children are a set of triplets.

Polosukhina said that after her divorce, she thought that she will be a single until her kids are grown. However, just one year later, Golushkov asked her out.

After seeing the woman, Golushkov bonded with her children, and she accepted his marriage proposal.

The couple said that they are not planning to have more children any time soon. They want to focus on the children they already have.