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Man lives in his home for 6 years before realizing that he actually owns the apartment next door

By Mason White 5:36 PM August 7, 2016
Chris Meyer with his home  

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was shocked to learn that he was living in a home that he does not own for many years.

30-year-old Chris Meyer of the United Kingdom, said that after living in his home for 6 years, he decided to sell it to get a bigger and more spacious house.

He lived at 8 Carlisle Court, in Carlisle and many potential buyers came to see the home. However, he soon learned that he was unable to sell his house as he was not the owner.

Meyer said that he had buyers for £76,000 ($99,000), but he is unable to sell the house as he is not its registered owner.

A legal mix-up with the Land Registry documents shows that he actually owns 9 Carlisle Court, while his neighbor owns his apartment.

According to the Land Registry documents, Meyer owns house number 9, while the man who thought he bought home number 7 actually owns Meyer’s apartment.

The Land Registry said that they need the approval of all the owners to fix the problem.

However, some of the apartments, including number 9, are rented out and the owners did not responded to letters about the issue.