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Mourners blow up condoms and throw them at coffin during funeral of fun and loving taxi driver

By Mason White 5:32 PM August 7, 2016
The funeral 

By: Feng Qian
Hundreds of people showed up to witness the funeral of a taxi driver, who became famous for stripping naked during funerals.

The deceased man, 33-year-old Tshepo “Kusheku” Tefo of South Africa, became famous in 2010, after he removed his clothes and danced at a friend’s funeral.

Since then, he became “good with the ladies,” and he continued his tradition of getting naked and dancing at funerals.

Now, many young people attended the funeral because they wanted to witness his young lady friends strip for him.

However, to their disappointment, nobody removed their clothes. The young men then used condoms and music to make it a happy event as Tefo would have wanted.

Some people blew up condoms and wore it as hats while others threw the blown up condoms at the casket as it was being lowered into the ground.

Many people also drank beer while dancing to loud music during the funeral.

Tefo’s friends said that “although they will miss him, it was necessary to celebrate his funeral in style as Tefo would have wanted.”