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‘Player’ gets obituary from wife and longtime girlfriend next to each other in same newspaper

By Mason White 2:45 PM August 7, 2016
The obituary 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) People were surprised to see a double obituary for a man who died of cancer.

The reason for the double obituary is that one was from his wife and the other from his lover.

55-year-old Leroy Bill Black of New Jersey, died of cancer and he is being missed not only by his wife and kids, but also by his longtime girlfriend.

Even though she was “the side woman,” Black’s longtime girlfriend wanted people to know that she was loved by Black.

Black died of lung cancer, which is believed to have come from his job while working with fiberglass.

One obituary refers to him with his middle name as Leroy “Bill” Black, and reads that he is survived by his loving wife Bearetta Harrison Black and their son Jazz Black. It states that he was also a father to Malcolm and Josiah Harrison Fitzpatrick.

The second obituary, which refers to him with his middle name Leroy “Blast” Black, states that he was survived by his son Jack Black, his siblings, and his longtime girlfriend Princess Hall. However, there is no mention of his wife in his girlfriend’s obituary.

The Greenidge Funeral Homes explained that the obituaries were placed separately because “the wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way.”

However, they said that they are not anticipating to have any problems between the wife and the lover during the funeral because Black’s life choice was not a secret as “everybody knew it was happening.”