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Driver records himself pulling over police officer for speeding on highway

By Mason White 11:48 AM August 8, 2016
Phillip Turner and Officer David Granado 

By: Wayne Morin
A driver in Texas, became angry when a police officer sped by his car on the highway at a speed that was way above the limit, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

Phillip Turner of Austin, who calls himself The Battousai on YouTube, pulled over state trooper on Interstate 35 on Monday.

Turner recorded the unusual traffic stop with a camera that was mounted on the dashboard of his car. Turner said that the officer did not have his emergency lights on, and was driving above the speed limit of 75 miles per hour.

Turner revealed that he felt the pressure of the officer’s car when it sped by him. He got really upset because citizens get large fines for speeding while police officers get away with it.

At one point, Turner flashed his headlights and the police officer pulled over at the side of the road. When confronted, Trooper David Granado apologized to Turner.

The officer notified his chain of command about the incident, and it is under investigation.

“I will say that this officer was very respectful, honest and owned up to the mistake. He was very professional and I strongly believe this is how officers should behave when they are confronted for doing something wrong.

“However, the issue I have is that people get citations for speeding all the time. I think everyone should be held to the same standards. Throughout all my encounters with police, I believe more cops should mirror his professional attitude,” Turner said.