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Off-duty police officer shoots officer who came to his home to investigate domestic violence claim

By Mason White 2:07 AM August 9, 2016
Adrian Aurs 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) An off-duty police officer in Indiana, was arrested on charges of attempted murder after shooting another officer.

Adrian Aurs, who was an 18-year veteran with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, was also placed on unpaid administrative leave.

Police said that Aurs, who was separated from his wife for about seven months, showed up at her apartment to see their children and found another officer at the house.

The officer was called earlier by the woman who wanted to file a claim of domestic violence.

She told the officer that she was afraid of her husband, and that she fears for her life and for the safety of her children.

While officer Robert Pearsey took a report, Aurs forced his way into the home and became very angry by seeing another man inside.

He began scolding his wife as to why she was laughing with another man. He then pulled out a gun and fired three shots, striking the officer.

The officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries to his right arm.

Aurs then fled the scene. He was arrested over three hours later.

Police said that the couple’s two children, who are 8 and 2 years old, were inside the apartment when the shooting occurred.

Aurs claims that he did not realize that the man in his house was a fellow police officer. He told police: “I lost it, I just snapped.”

Aurs was charged with attempted murder and is being held on $200,000 bond.