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Truck driver uses his friend as shield to conceal his license plate from surveillance cameras

By Mason White 1:59 AM August 9, 2016
The suspect with his friend on the front bumper  

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Police in China, have released a funny video of a man hanging onto the front of a big truck.

The video shows how a man is sitting on the front bumper of the truck.

Police allege that the truck driver of Yulin, came up with this unusual idea to hide his license plate number from police surveillance cameras.

The man is assumed to have been riding a passenger before the duo pulled over at the side of the road so that the man can get out of the vehicle and act as a human license plate shield.

It is not clear why the driver and the accomplice decided to carry out this dangerous act.

The unlucky driver did not realize that officers were able to clearly see his face as he passed through the cameras. Officers were on the lookout for him, and he was caught one hour later while passing through a checkpoint.

The driver was received a fine of 200 yuan ($30).