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Mother is stabbed on the day of daughter’s wedding while trying to protect one son from stabbing another

By Mason White 12:07 PM August 9, 2016
Gary Wallace 

By: Feng Qian
A man of the United Kingdom, stabbed his mother while she protecting her other son from being stabbed in the head.

29-year-old Gary Wallace was found guilty after stabbing his mother on the day of her daughter’s wedding.

The Liverpool Crown Court heard that Wallace became very angry when his brother, Tony Igoe, criticized him for not showing up to their sister’s wedding and instead, he went on a drinking and drug binge.

Wallace, who lives with his mother and brother, allegedly admitted to doing drugs for about 24 hours, instead of going to his sister’s wedding.

Their mother, Cheryl Wallace, was already sleeping when she heard her son screaming that his brother was holding knife.

The mother woke up and went to stop the fight.

She stood between her sons to prevent Gary from stabbing his brother. However, when Gary tried to stab Tony, Cheryl picked up her hands to protect his head.

That is when she was stabbed several times on the hand and forearm.

Defense attorney John Weate said that his client suffers from depression, and went on “occasional binges” with drinks and drugs.

Wallace pleaded guilty to wounding his mother and attempted wounding his brother.

Judge Steven Everett sentenced Wallace to 6 years in prison. He received a 5 year restraining order, banning him from contacting his mother or brother.