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Man pulls off exploding iPhone stuck to his thigh ripping off part of his skin

By Mason White 9:04 AM August 10, 2016
Gareth Clear 

By: Chan Yuan
A man of Australia, has warned people not to keep their iPhones in their pants pockets due to the risk of an explosion.

36-year-old Gareth Clear of Sydney, said that he suffered severe burns on his thigh and fingers of his hands when his iPhone exploded in the back pocket of his pants.

The incident unfolded as Clear was riding his bicycle on one of his regular paths on Sunday afternoon.

He fell off his bike, and although it was only a small fall in which he received just a few small scratches, he noticed a plume of smoke rising from his pants pocket as he stood up from the ground.

Clear suddenly felt a sharp pain and extreme heat as the iPhone burned through the fabric of his pants and two layers of his skin on the upper thigh.

In a desperate attempt to stop the pain, he tried pulling off the phone from his thigh, but he burned his fingers in the process.

Clear then used his elbows to rip off the phone, taking off layers of skin. He was taken to a special burn hospital, where he received a skin graft. Clear suffered third-degree burns.

He spent six days in the hospital as the burned flesh was removed and healthy skin grew back in its place. Clear believes that the battery exploded and the acid burned him.

He warned others that this could happen to anyone. Apple said that they are investigating the incident.