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Police officer dies on the day of his wedding after boat hit him while scuba diving

By Mason White 4:42 PM August 9, 2016
Hans Campbell with Chriselyn Bedolido 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Guests were invited to celebrate the wedding and birthday of a Texas police officer.

Sadly, the celebrations never took place as he died after being involved in a scuba diving accident.

Hans Campbell was in the Philippines for his wedding to his fiancee Chriselyn Bedolido. Their wedding was to take place at the Bluewater Panglao beach resort on Bohol Island.

The wedding guests were also invited to be part of another celebration for Campbell’s 28th birthday celebration, which was supposed to be a day after the wedding.

However, he never made it to these celebrations. Campbell was hit by a boat while he was scuba diving, and he was hospitalized.

He remained in intensive care so that his organs should be viable for donations until he was taken off of life support.

Campbell served with the Texas Army National Guard before he joined the Dallas Police Department.

Campbell’s family is hoping to fly his body back to the United States, as soon as possible so he can be laid to rest.