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12 and 13-year-old sisters kidnap 2-year-old girl because they wanted to rape a black child

By Mason White 9:03 AM August 10, 2016
The sisters with their attorney 

By: Wayne Morin
Two young sisters were arrested on a charge of kidnapping after being accused of abducting a little girl because they wanted to rape a black child, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, the 12 and 13-year-old sisters of Newcastle, have been sentenced to serve three years and three months in a youth detention facility after pleading guilty to kidnapping and theft.

According to the police investigation, in the months leading up to the kidnapping the girls researched on the Internet phrases like “sexual activity with African women” and “forced sex.”

One day, the sisters went into a Primark, where they lured a 2-year-old girl with sweets and Coca-Cola.

They took her to a nearby train station and tried to stop the child’s crying by giving her milk formula in a bottle that they stole from a store.

They traveled for three miles before taking the child to a park, where police found then about an hour and 45 minutes after the kidnapping.

The child was unharmed. The court was told that the sisters, who are white, had decided that day to kidnap a black child.

They were obsessed with sexual assaults against African children.