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Women wearing burqas beat pregnant journalist because she was wearing revealing clothes

By Mason White 9:09 AM August 10, 2016
Woman wearing shorts (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A pregnant journalist said that she is lucky that her unborn child was not hurt during a beating she received for wearing revealing clothes in Turkey.

Hazal Olmez of Istanbul, was reporting for Evrensel, when two women wearing burqas began beating her.

Olmez is six months pregnant, but the women and the men who joined the beating, did not care.

While beating Olmez, the women yelled that she won’t be dressed like this anymore and will obey them from now on. One of the women also pulled her hair.

While Olmez was on the ground and defending herself, the women called on passersby to join the beating. Two men joined in and kicked Olmez.

A man then approached the women and told them that he identified four other women in need of a beating.

After the woman left her alone, Olmez went to a doctor in order to get a report about her injuries to file a complaint with the police, but he refused to give her one, saying there was no reason to get one.