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Man drives over woman’s lawn and destroys it for writing bad reviews for his wife’s animal clinic

By Mason White 2:25 PM August 10, 2016
Joshua Ryan Fields 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man decided to protect his wife’s honor by destroying the property of a woman who wrote bad reviews online.

The Florida man who was so angry after a woman wrote a few bad reviews about his wife’s animal shelter, decided to take revenge.

Palm Bay police said that 35-year-old Joshua Ryan Fields, used his truck to mess up with woman’s lawn.

Campos was charged with criminal damage after police were called to the 2300 block of Jaremko Avenue, to investigate reports of a person spinning the wheels of a black Ford truck on the lawn.

Police estimated the damage to be at least $300, according to court documents.

The victim told police that she was sleeping at home when she was awakened by bright lights shining through her windows.

When she looked out, she saw the pickup truck revving the engine and spinning the tires on her lawn, destroying patches of grass in the process.

The truck driver repeated the action several times, rolling in and out of the yard.

The victim told officers that she had recently posted negative reviews on the site of a Palm Bay animal clinic, and she thought that the yard incident may be connected.

Police traced the license plate number from the truck to Fields and he was found at his home.

After initially denying the claim, he finally admitted to seeking revenge against the victim because she has written several negative comments about the animal clinic of his wife, according to police.