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Dolphin snatches iPad from woman who was trying to record it swimming at SeaWorld Orlando

By Mason White 2:40 AM August 11, 2016
Dolphin snatches woman’s iPad at SeaWorld Orlando 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A man in Florida, managed to record a dolphin snatching away an iPad from a woman who was trying to record it swimming at SeaWorld Orlando, according to a video that was uploaded to the Internet.

Kuadiel Gomez, who has a season pass, said that the incident unfolded on Sunday.

Gomez managed to record the woman’s encounter with the dolphin while shooting a video of his 14-month-old son petting the dolphins of SeaWorld Orlando.

At some point, Gomez noticed that one of the dolphins is looking at the woman, who was too busy looking at her iPad to notice.

Gomez quickly pointed his camera at the dolphin and at the woman as he felt that something was going to happen. Moments later, the dolphin snatched the iPad in its mouth and then trying to take it for a swim in the water.

The woman managed to scoop the iPad out of the water after a few seconds. Gomez uploaded the video on Facebook, where it went viral and seen more than one million times.

“Yesterday at SeaWorld Orlando, I caught some footage you never saw. A Dolphin lunged out of the water and stole a lady’s iPad right out of her hand, and then its other dolphin friends started splashing and soaking the entire crowd of people. A couple of dolphins came towards me, lunging up like they were going to try and take my camera too,” Gomez wrote on Facebook.