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Government official unveils new Pokemon Go train to help players catch them all

By Mason White 4:42 AM August 11, 2016
Pokemon Go train 

By: Feng Qian
A government official in Germany, whose kids love to play Pokemon Go, unveiled a new train that will help players collect all characters.

27-year-old Martyna Malachowski, who works in the communications department of the transport office, said that she worked with officials to create a Pokemon train since her children are Pokemon Go fanatics.

The train will start operating on Thursday in Dusseldorf.

The train was decorated with Pokemon Go characters, and the route has been specially designed to give players the best Pokemon Go experience.

The three-hour route will take passengers to the best places in the city to catch Pokemon, and the train will move along slowly to allow players’ eggs to hatch.

Malachowski revealed that she loves playing Pokemon Go as well, and she has already reached Level 10. She is in a position to know exactly how to appeal to other players, and decorated the train herself.

The train can carry up to 90 players at a time.