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Judge allows burglary suspect to reunite with his wife who was his accomplice to see their newborn son in court

By Mason White 5:22 PM August 11, 2016
James and Ashley Roeder with their baby in courtroom  

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) It was a very emotional meeting for young family members who were united in a courtroom.

A judge in Kentucky, surprised a suspect in a robbery case when she allowed her to meet her newborn baby for the first time in the courtroom.

24-year-old James Roeder, 24, and his wife, Ashley Roeder, 25, were both arrested as co-defendants in the burglary case. Police said that the couple broke into a warehouse and stole six flat screen televisions.

Judge Amber Wolf has banned them from having contact with each other until after the case is over. However, while in jail, Ashley gave birth to their son.

One month after the birth, both James and Ashley were scheduled to be in front of Judge Wolf.

When James entered the Jefferson County District courtroom, his wife held up the baby in an attempt to show her husband his son for the first time.

The judge said that she witnessed the new mother trying to show the baby to her husband so she decided to make it happen.

When the judge finished the hearing, she announced that she will allow his wife Ashley, to bring their baby into the courtroom.

The judge reminded the couple that the protection order is still standing, but she made an exception while the couple was standing in front of her in her courtroom.

Ashley handed the baby to her husband and everyone in the courtroom had tears in their eyes while witnessing the emotional moment when the father met his son for the first time under these very unfortunate circumstances.

Judge Wolf said: “It was touching, it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever done. It made me feel good.”