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Burger King charges woman nearly $1,000 for a cheeseburger

By Mason White 8:23 AM August 12, 2016
Felicity Cotton 

By: Wayne Morin
A woman in the United Kingdom, was shocked to find out that Burger King has charged her nearly $1,000 for a cheeseburger, causing a huge shortfall in her bank account.

28-year-old Felicity Cotton of Redditch, said that the Burger King employee charged her 712 pounds ($923) for a cheeseburger meal instead of 12 pounds ($15), apparently adding an extra 7.

She used her bank card to pay the bill, but did not check the balance before entering her PIN. She only found out about the overcharge when she looked at her bank statement several days later.

Cotton was shocked to see that her entire bank account was depleted, and couldn’t understand where she spent so much money.

She looked over the charges and realized that odd amount spent at Burger King. She called the store, but the manager did not help her.

Cotton then called the company headquarters and she was issued a credit for 720 pounds ($934).

Cotton complained that it will take about three weeks until the money shows up in her bank account, and meanwhile, she cannot pay her bills.