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Man loses 84 pounds after seeing himself on video before wife points out that he was not the man in the video

By Mason White 1:47 PM August 11, 2016
Philip Busby before losing weight 

By: Chan Yuan
A 294 pound man began shedding pounds after seeing himself on video and being disgusted over the way he looked.

However, after losing 84 pounds, his wife pointed out that the man in the video is not him.

52-year-old Philip Busby of Ireland, said that he was watching a video of his friend’s birthday party when he saw himself from the side angle.

“To my horror, I saw a heavy guy walking across the dance floor, with a large belly,” he said. Since he saw only the profile, he thought that the overweight man was him.

Busby said that he watched the video again and he thought: “Oh my God, what have I done to myself?”

After watching it a third time, he said that he felt disgusted and decided to do something about his weight.

Busby joined an exercise group and he began eating healthy.

However, after seeing his determination to change and losing 84 pounds in just 23 weeks, Busby said that his wife was afraid that he was having an affair.

When he finally revealed to his wife the motivation over his weight loss, she laughed and pointed out that he was not the man in the video.

She reminded her husband that he was the one who took the video and the the overweight man in the video was their mechanic.

Busby admitted that he was shocked to find out that it wasn’t him in the video, but he is very happy with his transformation.

Busby, who is the owner of the Lightyear Plumbing and Heating, said that some of his customers don’t recognize him. “Some of my customers don’t recognize me any more and I have been refused entry into a few houses,” he said.

“One of them thought I was a new worker and asked: ‘Where’s the big fat fella who always did my boiler?’” He said.