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Man forcefully removes clothes from elderly beggar and exposes her as a young woman

By Mason White 12:36 PM August 12, 2016
The beggar 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman who wanted to make money without working hard, decided to deceive the public into giving her cash.

The young woman of Russia, dressed as an elderly woman.

She wrapped a scarf around her head and neck, and she used oversized glasses to cover her face. She also had a walking cane next to her.

She then sat on the ground in the streets of Nizhny, to get people to pity her and give her money.

A man, who saw the “elderly beggar,” accused the woman of being a fraudster because she was bent over to the ground in a way that she seemed to be trying to hide her face.

After the woman asked him for money, the man, who recorded a video, said: “Hi granny, don’t you want to show your face?”

He then proceeded to grab her glasses off her face, and he pulled the scarf off her head, revealing that she was in fact a younger woman.

The woman tried to resist, but was unable to stop the man, and she was exposed as a fraudster.