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Man and woman beat grandmother for refusing to drive them home so they can have sex

By Mason White 4:41 PM August 14, 2016
Michael Rubio and Jacquelyn Carrasquillo 

By: Chan Yuan
Police in Florida, arrested a couple for beating a grandmother after she fled from her car.

The man and woman of Miami, are accused of beating the grandmother after she refused to drive them to their home so they could have sex, police said.

According to Miami-Dade police, Michael Rubio, 25, and Jacquelyn Carrasquillo, 27, argued with his grandmother while she was driving because she did not want to drive them to their home so they can have sex.

During the argument, the grandmother got out of her car and began walking home.

Police said the couple got out and hit her several times before throwing her to the ground. The elderly woman suffered lacerations to her face.

The woman abandoned her car, ran home and called police. Her grandson and his girlfriend then drove away with the car.

Rubio and Carrasquillo were arrested on multiple counts, including robbery and battery on a person over 65.