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Couple gets married while dangling from suspension bridge 600 feet above ground

By Mason White 4:27 AM August 16, 2016
Jiang Huizhu and Zhou Wenlong getting married dangling from bridge 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A couple in China, who wanted to celebrate their wedding in a special way, decided to get married while dangling from a bridge about 600 feet above ground.

Jiang Huizhu and Zhou Wenlong, both of Hunan, got married on Tuesday, while suspended from the bridge at the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park.

They said that they decided to marry in this bizarre way as a challenge to themselves to make their celebration special. The video of the marriage ceremony was uploaded to the Internet, where it went viral.

The video shows a platform connected with rope dangling under the bridge. The bride was then climbed over the fence and slowly lowered herself onto the platform.

The bride and groom then kissed each other while a photographer took pictures of the magical moment. The newlywed couple then waved to their family and friends who joined them and were looking down from above.