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Model records herself throwing her boyfriend’s naked prostitute out of her home

By Mason White 4:12 PM August 15, 2016
Saranya Saeharn 

By: Wayne Morin
A model is facing charges over her actions when she found her boyfriend cheating on her with a prostitute.

Viraluk “Manao” Sutthiprapar is a well-known model and contestant in the Miss Maxim 2015 of Thailand.

While Sutthiprapar of Bangkok, usually makes headlines over her looks, and she now became famous for another reason.

Sutthiprapar came home unexpectedly and found a pair of woman’s shoes in the foyer of her home at around 3:00 a.m.

She took out her phone and began recording as she walked into the home. There, she found her boyfriend having sex with a naked woman on their couch.

The woman, who was identified as 24-year-old Saranya Saeharn, ran into the couple’s bedroom, and grabbed their blanket to cover up and ran out of the home naked.

The cowardly boyfriend stood by as his girlfriend berated the “other” woman and demanded that she return the blanket.

Sutthiprapar grabbed the blanket and ordered the naked woman to get out of her home.

The woman demanded to know why Saeharn was at her home. She replied that the boyfriend hired her, and she left the home.

As she was crying naked in the hallway, Sutthiprapar’s boyfriend handed the woman her clothes, her pocketbook and her cellphone.

Sutthiprapar warned Saeharn, that she was going to upload the video to the Internet.

After the video went viral, the prostitute filed a complaint with the police, saying that the model ruined her reputation by uploading the video of her to Facebook.

Sutthiprapar was summoned to the police station, where she claimed that she only sent the video to her friend because she was hurt by her boyfriend’s actions.

Sutthiprapar now faces charges of defamation and violating the computer crime act.