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Newlywed goes on honeymoon with photo of wife after she misplaced her passport

By Mason White 4:25 AM August 16, 2016
Faizan Patel on honeymoon with photo of wife Sana 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man in India, said that he had no choice but to go on a honeymoon vacation across Italy, with a photograph of his wife after she misplaced her passport.

29-year-old Faizan Patel of New Delhi, who works as a photographer, recently married Sana.

They tied the knot in December, and they scheduled a two-week honeymoon in Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence and the Amalfi Coast.

By the time they were set to leave, Sana learned that she will be unable to join her husband because her passport disappeared.

Faizan decided to go by himself, but he took along a photograph of his wife. He took selfies along the way while holding the photograph of his wife next to him.

Since he tweeted photos under the hashtag #HoneyMoonwithoutHoney, his story went viral and eventually reached the country’s foreign affairs minister who rushed a new passport to Sana.

She still had to wait to secure a visa to Italy. Luckily, she still made it to Italy for the last few days of the honeymoon.