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9 refugees drug tourist before dragging her to their home where they gang raped her

By Mason White 2:29 AM August 17, 2016
Sad woman (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A group of refugees were arrested on a charge of rape after they allegedly drugged a tourist before they ganged roped her in their apartment, according to police in Austria.

Vienna police said that they have arrested nine men of Iraq, aged between 21 and 47, after they were accused of drugging and raping the woman of Germany.

According to the police investigation, the nine men all filed for asylum. Some of them have been granted asylum while the others are still awaiting their decision.

One night, the group were spending time outside, where they spotted the young tourist who was intoxicated. They slipped a drug into one of her drinks, and when she fell unconscious, the woman was dragged to their apartment.

The men then took chances raping her. The woman told police that she has no recollection of the attack. Police managed to track down the suspects by using security surveillance videos of the streets and apartment building.

They then used DNA to track down the nine refugees. The woman said that she came to Vienna to visit a friend.