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Woman gets out of car and dances next to victim she ran over

By Mason White 3:58 PM August 16, 2016
The woman dancing 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Police have arrested a woman after she was seen dancing next to a man she hit with her car.

Police in China, were called after the woman hit a pedestrian.

Witnesses in Shandong, told police that the woman accelerated her car and drove straight into the pedestrian, sending him flying onto the windshield of her vehicle.

She then allegedly drove about 650 feet until she collided with another car and came to a stop.

When the victim fell to the ground, the suspect showed no remorse. Instead, she got out of her vehicle and began dancing.

People were horrified to see the woman dancing just feet from her victim. Emergency workers rushed the man to the hospital.

Sadly, doctors were unable to save the victim and he died. Police did not give a reason for the woman’s dancing, but they did note that she was not drunk at the time of the accident.