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Blond woman without pants boards Virgin America flight to the delight of passengers and crew

By Mason White 1:23 PM August 18, 2016
Blond woman without pants checking in on Virgin America  

By: Tanya Malhotra
Passengers and flight attendants of a Virgin America flight were surprised to see a blond woman showing up without wearing pants.

Passengers took photos of the woman, who was not identified, as she stood at the ticket counter to collect her boarding pass.

The photos show the woman dressed in a beige jacket, leaning against the counter as a staff member of Virgin America is seen talking on the photo with a manager.

She did not wear any pants and her black underpants was visible, exposing most of her behind. She was also wearing black shoes.

Virgin America used the unusual event as a marketing opportunity, saying that they are the only airline based in California, and they like to do things differently.

They encourage all passengers to relax and unwind when flying, and this woman clearly took their advice. A photo of the woman was uploaded on Reddit, where it went viral.