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Baboon at zoo throws feces at girl’s face after she threw food at it

By Mason White 9:35 AM August 19, 2016
The girl sprayed with feces 

By: Feng Qian
A family outing at a zoo is meant to be a happy time, but for one little girl, things turned out very differently.

A father took his two daughters to see animals at the Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina, when things turned ugly.

During the family outing, one of the little girls’ parents decided to say hello to the baboon. As they got closer to the animal, one of the girls, who wore a pink top and shorts, decided to feed the animal.

She did so by throwing food at it. The baboon did not catch the food, and the girl’s actions seemed to backfire as it aggravated the animal.

The baboon began jumping and turning around before taking a handful of feces and throwing it at the girls.

The feces hit the second girl, who was wearing a blue top with shorts. The feces landed on her face and hand.

The little girl walked away with a sad and disgusted look on her face. The entire incident was recorded on video.

The girl was heard on video telling her father: “I hate this place.”