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Man accidentally has hemorrhoid surgery while waiting for his wife to give birth at hospital

By Mason White 9:53 AM August 19, 2016
Hospital operating room (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A man was horrified to learn that doctors performed hemorrhoid surgery on him while he was waiting for his wife to give birth at a hospital in China.

The Hunnan Hospital in Shenyang, has offered $750 in compensation to the man identified as Wang, 29, after doctors told him to pull down his pants before performing hemorrhoid surgery as he was mistaken for a patient.

Officials at the hospital said that Wang is partially to blame for the mix-up as he is an adult and should have protested. Wang said that he is grateful that his wife and child are in good condition after she gave birth via Caesarean section.

According to Wang, the operating room for pregnant women is close to the hemorrhoid surgery room.

As he waited anxiously for about 40 minutes outside the operating room for pregnant women, a doctor called him into the hemorrhoid operating room and ordered him to take off his pants.

When Wang asked why, the doctor said he should just follow his instructions. Wang said that he feared being laughed, and thought they were about to show him how it feels to give birth.

During surgery, Wang heard the cries of his newborn baby. He then felt a sharp pain in the bottom after getting out of bed.

That is when he learned that he underwent hemorrhoid surgery after he was mistaken for a patent. The patient who was supposed to undergo surgery signed all the consent forms before Wang was called into the room.

The hospital insists that Wang had hemorrhoids and he needed the surgery, but he denies it.