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Musician blocked from flying to the United States with violin because it did not have a visa

By Mason White 1:58 PM August 18, 2016
Jane Bevan 

By: Chan Yuan
A musician in Switzerland, is angry after she was prohibited from flying to the United States, because she did not have a separate visa for his violin.

35-year-old Jane Bevan of Zurich, said that she bought two tickets on a British Airways flight to Baltimore, Maryland, but at the last minute, she was notified that her musical instrument cannot board the plane because it had no visa.

Bevan was scheduled to attend the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Bevan revealed that she booked a separate seat for herself and for the violin using the website GoToGate.

GoToGate booked the musical instrument under the name “Chuck Cello,” and was told to confirm the booking with British Airways.

She called the airline about a month before the flight, and she was told that there was nothing more for her to do, and can check-in as normal.

When she arrived at the airport, the musician was told that there was a problem with the booking.

Bevan waited half an hour, and was then told that the check-in could not be completed because the system needed a visa for the violin.

She ended up missing the flight.

Bevan has not received any compensation from British Airways, and instead flew the next day with United Airlines, which put her violin in first class.

British Airways said that the problem was very unusual, but the U.S. government requires a visa for every name appearing on a flight.