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Mother causes disturbance at Asda after workers call her 8-year-old son fat behind his back

By Mason White 1:40 PM August 19, 2016
Louise Walker with her son Reece Stevenson  

By: Wayne Morin
A mother of the United Kingdom, was shopping at Asda, when she heard workers call her son fat.

Louise Walker was shopping for a kiddie pool at the Manchester Fort Shopping Park in Cheetham Hill, when she heard the workers make fun of her overweight son.

Walker said that when her 8-year-old son Reece Stevenson, ran ahead to the escalator, he walked past the workers.

Walker said the staff members who didn’t see her coming, called “Reece fat, out loud.”

“I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely fuming, I was disgusted,” Walker said.

The 31-year-old mother went over to the employees and reprimanded them for their actions, but they denied talking about the boy.

They claimed that they were talking about someone else. Walker said that she looked around, but she did not see anyone else in the area.

Walker demanded to see a manager, who offered her a £10 ($13) gift card as an apology.

When her son heard the commotion, he came to his mother to see what was going on, and that is when he learned that workers called him fat.

Walker said that her son was “heartbroken and he asked her: ‘why did they say that? I can’t help it.’”

The mother said that her son is “sensitive” about his weight. “A £10 gift card is a joke. It isn’t any sort of compensation considering what happened,” the angry mother said.

“Reece is not fat, he is short and stocky, and he is young,” Walker added.