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Angry German grandfather files police report over bad tasting lobster in Thailand and gets good results

By Mason White 1:43 PM August 19, 2016
Wolfgang Hoelderich at the police station with the lobster 

By: Chan Yuan
A tourist from Germany, was angry over bad tasting food in Thailand.

The elderly tourist was eating at a restaurant on Walking Street in Pattaya, which is in the area that is well-known for its nightlife scene.

The man ordered lobster, but after eating a few bites, he decided that the food was not good.

Wolfgang Hoelderich, 70, asked the employees for a refund for his food that he claimed was rotten. The manager of the store refused to give him a refund, saying that he already ate some of the food.

Hoelderich decided to take the matter to the police. He placed the rest of his food in a doggy bag and took it to the police station.

Hoelderich filed a complaint at the police station at about 11:00 p.m.

With the help of a translator, Hoelderich told a detective that after eating a few bites, he realized that his lobster was rotten, but he was refused a refund because he had already eaten some of it.

Hoelderich paid THB 1,848 ($53) for the lobster. The detective tasted the food and determined that Hoelderich was right. The food was indeed spoiled.

Police reportedly saved the food for further testing, and they took Hoelderich’s complaint to the Health Department for further inspection.