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President of Olympic Council arrested naked after illegally selling tickets for $3 million

By Mason White 2:15 AM August 23, 2016
Patrick Joseph “Pat” Hickey 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) The president of the Olympic Council of Ireland, was arrested after being accused of illegally selling tickets at higher prices than face value, according to police in Brazil.

71-year-old Patrick Joseph “Pat” Hickey has announced his resignation from the Olympic Council after being accused of making about $3 million by illegally selling thousands of tickets.

Hickey is accused of conspiring with at least six others to illegally sell Olympic tickets. Hickey was arrested in a humiliating manner, while naked in his son’s hotel room in Rio.

Police first knocked on his hotel room door, but his wife told them that he left for Ireland. Police then knocked on his son’s hotel room door, and Hickey opened the door while completely naked.

Hickey asked police for permission to put on a robe before being taken into custody. After he put on a robe, he was led away by numerous police officers.

After his arrest, Hickey told police that had a heart condition.

He was taken to hospital, but doctors said that he was in perfect health. After resigning from the Olympic Council, Janez Kocijancic was named as his successor.