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Registered sex offender is granted custody of teenage stepdaughters

By Mason White 1:56 PM August 24, 2016

By: Feng Qian
A father is furious after a judge refused to grant him custody of his children, but instead, placed them in the care of a registered sex offender.

The father, who was not identified, filed for custody of his daughters, who are 15 and 17 years old, after learning that his former wife allowed the registered sex offender to move into her home.

The Nebraska Supreme Court heard how the stepfather sexually assaulted a teenage girl for two years while he was married to her mother.

The stepfather was convicted of first-degree sexual assault and sexual assault of a child. In 2004, he spent four years behind bars.

The mother of the girls told the court that she established “precautions” to keep her daughter’s safe.

The rules include a dress code for the girls. They have to change clothes in private, they have shower schedules and she placed locks on bathroom doors.

A therapist for the girls, said that although she did not speak to the stepfather, the girls never reported any “grooming behaviors” from their stepfather.

The therapist acknowledged that the girls reported “angry outbursts” from their stepfather.

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that the sex offender can live with the young girls as the biological father “failed to produce enough evidence to show that the stepfather poses a risk to his daughters.”

The judge wrote that the sex offender “had volunteered for extensive rehabilitation during his incarceration after he was ineligible for parole.

The judge took into account that the sex offender has not been investigated for any sexual wrongdoing since his previous offense.

“He expressed remorse and exhibited a highly positive response to treatment,” the judge wrote.