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Doctors remove 40 knives from police officer’s stomach after he developed cravings for metal

By Mason White 1:52 PM August 24, 2016
The blades (left) Jarnail Singh 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Doctors in india, said that they were baffled by the large amount of knives they found in a man’s stomach.

42-year-old Jarnail Singh, who works as a Punjab police officer, was admitted to the hospital for abdominal pain and weakness.

A team of surgeons were shocked when x-rays revealed 40 foldable knives in his stomach. The father of two children said that he consumed all 40 knifes in just two months after developing cravings for metal.

Singh underwent surgery. It took doctors five hours to painstakingly remove the blades without injuring the patient.

Doctors said that some of the blades were open while others were broken. Some were already rusty.

The surgery went well and doctors showed off the large amount of knives they collected from Singh’s stomach.

Although the police officer promised to stay away from blades, doctors said that they will not release him from the hospital until he sees a psychiatrist, who will determine his mental state.