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Judge allows woman to walk free and continue crime spree despite scratching more than 1,000 cars

By Mason White 6:22 AM August 25, 2016
Keyed car (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police and prosecutors in Austria, said that they are helpless in their fight against a woman who is accused of vandalizing more than 1,000 cars.

The 35-year-old woman of Styria, has scratched more than 1,000 cars over a six year period.

1,000 people have filed complaints against the woman, but she was never prosecuted after a doctor testified in court that the suspect is not mentally fit to stand trial.

Prosecutors said that they are helpless, and cannot take the woman off the street and send her to a psychiatric institute as the maximum penalty for scratching a car is less than a year in jail.

The woman remains free to walk on the streets and continue her vandalism against cars. The woman almost always targets black cars.

Police said that thy hope that the woman will eventually commit a more serious crime with a maximum penalty of more than a year in jail so that they can lock her up in a psychiatric institute for criminals.