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Firefighter pulling dead body out of river shocked when the man got up

By Mason White 12:41 PM August 25, 2016
The “body” being removed from the river 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Emergency workers were called after residents saw a body floating in a river.

Firefighters of China, who arrived at the scene, began working on a plan of action on how to remove the body.

Meanwhile, people were gathering at the scene to witness them in action. Some people used their cellphones to record the incident.

One of the firefighters approached the man’s body and began pulling it out of the water.

Suddenly, the “body” jumped up, scaring the firefighter. Witnesses were heard laughing as the horrified firefighter ran from the water to safety.

To everyone’s surprise, after a few moments, the man, who was believed to be dead, lied down again in the water and continued floating as if he was dead.

The man was apparently just relaxing and he did not want to be disturbed by those citizens who were concerned over his well-being.