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Commercial airline pilot kisses sex doll in cockpit while flight attendant spit water at passengers

By Mason White 5:31 AM August 28, 2016
Air New Zealand pilot kissing sex doll 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) An airline in New Zealand, fired several employees including a pilot, after videos and photos surfaced on the Internet, showing them disrespecting passengers.

Air New Zealand announced that it has fired three employees for shocking and appalling behavior on board commercial flights.

Video and photos that were shared on Facebook, showed a pilot posing with a sex doll in the cabin. They also showed a flight attendant spitting water while walking among passengers.

The flight attendant said that she wished she could spit on passengers.

According to the investigation by the airline, the images and videos were first shared on Snapchat among employees, but someone posted them to Facebook, where they went viral.

A spokesperson for Air New Zealand said that the company was shocked and appalled by the images.

She said that the incident is extremely serious and the behavior shown is a clear violation not only of the airline’s code of conduct, but of basic decency.