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Model who dresses like Barbie doll strips naked on street in protest against VK redesigning its website

By Mason White 5:30 AM August 28, 2016
Karina Barbie 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A model who is obsessed with looking like a Barbie doll, stripped naked in front of the Duma in Moscow, Russia, in order to protest the redesign of a social media website.

Social media giant VK, recently redesigned the way it shows updates and send notifications.

Karina Barbie did not like the redesign and decided to lobby lawmakers to pressure VK to roll back the updates. Barbie marched to the Duma, where she posed topless.

Barbie walked up and down the street in front of surprised pedestrians and motorists.

Barbie told people that she wanted to get the government to put pressure on the social media website to cancel the recent changes.

Barbie said that by marching naked, she drew attention to herself and her cause. She expressed her angry that VK forced the changes on people without asking their feedback.

Police were at the scene, but she was not arrested.